Clock Chimes at Oak Moon

An enduring wedding gift we have at Rosewood is a mantle clock we received from my Grandma Bird.  Now Oak Moon Farm enjoys the ringing of the hours and it will be a constant reminder of my grandmother and all she did for us.  Kind of fitting because tomorrow would have been her 106th birthday.

It was crazy warm yesterday, mid 70s in mid February, so it was time to get some outside projects going.  Herbs that were in the garage are in the garden (surrounded by a lot of mulch), I burned a lot of scrap wood that really isn’t what we want to put in the fireplace and today I’ll pull soil samples for where the apple and pear trees are to be planted.  It’s looking to be an early spring.

Christmas 2016

I haven’t been keeping up on what’s going on at Oak Moon.  Busy with life in general, I guess.  So in an attempt to post at least monthly I’ll start with Christmas 2016.  Last year we were trying to get everything together and make the house functional.  Decorating wasn’t high on our priority list.  We did a little better this year.

Oak Moon Christmas 2016 OMF Staircase 2016


It’s All Up To Us Now

About six months after breaking ground the builders bid the site farewell for the last time.  It’s been an amazing experience.  The people who designed and build the house did a fantastic job.  They work for small companies, not the giant corporations who turn out an entire housing development in a few months.  They took a personal interest in how the house would work for me and my family.  I’m very thankful for their involvement.

But now it’s up to us to transition it from a house into a home and that’s going to take a fair bit longer than it took to build it in the first place.  So one adventure comes to a close and another is just begun.

Finished 3

Finished 2

Finished 1

Finished 4

Finished 5

Finished 6

Finished 7

Finished 9

Finished 8