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2020 Holiday Season

Still think that until I leave my working years behind me I won’t consistently post updates. Who knows, maybe not even then but anyway here are some images from the end of 2020. A year I think almost everyone around the world was glad to see in the rear view mirror.

Here’s hoping that 2021 is better for us all!

A Place For My Bees

After doing some research and talking with the folks at Isabees I figured out where I’ll put my first two hives.  While it looks like there’s nothing but pasture there now, I’ve put pine trees (shortleaf and pitch loblolly) to the north of where the hives will go.  I cut a path through the tall grass to get there.  I’ll put the Washington Hawthorns to the west so some years in the future they will provide a little shade in the afternoon.  To the south is part of our leach field so I’ll put clover and goldenrod there.  I can’t do much else because of the pipes underground but the area should be naturally fertilized!   🙂


Decorating For Fall

I got pumpkins, gourds and indian corn from Hesemann Landscaping.  Great deal on them and they look great.  Used them for the dining room centerpiece and put some on the front stairs.  It may not feel like fall but it’s beginning to look more like it.