Decorating For Fall

I got pumpkins, gourds and indian corn from Hesemann Landscaping.  Great deal on them and they look great.  Used them for the dining room centerpiece and put some on the front stairs.  It may not feel like fall but it’s beginning to look more like it.

The First Honey Harvest

It was my job to pull the honey frames out of the remaining hive.  I found 14 capped, 3 uncapped and 3 that were never drawn out.  So I froze the uncapped ones for winter food for the hive and spun out the other 14.  First time I used my 2 frame spinner I got from Frank Wright.  It worked great.  Would up with just under 4 gallons of honey after I was done uncapping, spinning and straining.

New Drapes

It took about 2 years but we finally have drapes on the front windows.  Not sure how often we will really need to close them but we can and it gives the living room and dining room a more finished look.

In the garden, the mums are looking great.  Covered in buds.  No flowers yet but by next weekend there should be and that will give us that nice fall look for many weeks to come.  I sprayed the tree nursery and the bee balm with fungicide again.  The Washington Hawthorns are looking better but the bee balm in the back garden looks like it was under attack by powdery mildew so hopefully this will help it recover.