the garden’s moving along but winter is coming!

We didn’t need anything this week but cleared out leftover lettuce so starting next week, until further notice, all lettuce will be home grown. May still be a bit too early to pull spinach but it is growing quickly now. But, now the weatherman says winter is coming! Well, not really but 2 days in the high 20s at night and low 40s in the day are rather odd past tax day. Will have to pull small pots into the garage and cover the big ones just to be safe.

Glad I didn’t plant the new herbs in the garden but after the next freeze I think it will be time.

We did get a visit from our Jennifer, Ron, Viola and Cameron this weekend. They camped on the screen porch and had a good time. It’s a good change from a tent when it’s raining like when they got here but by the next time they get here things should be back to normal! We’ll all be fully vaccinated so they will get to move back into the house without fear that any of us will kill the other through infection.

Jane invited a chef she knows well to Moondance Farm on Friday and had a bit of a party. He made pizza to order using his mobile pizza ovens. They were great! I’ll get more details and update this post with them because he’s a great choice for a party in the future.

Missed a week but took the pictures

It was Kathy’s birthday last weekend and the Masters was on so I didn’t focus on the site. After a year of COVID it was nice to watch a Masters on CBS and have some actual fans there. First time there’s even been a Japanese winner. Congratulations Hideki Matsuyama! Our cat was sleeping so his little friends got to watch the show.

Birthdays are pretty simple when you can’t go anywhere. A card, a cake and some flowers but it’s the thought that counts.

The garden is continuing to grow in. Pulled some lettuce leaves for burgers and salads will start in the next couple of weeks.

Even the russet potatoes are out of the ground now. The red will need to be covered up some next weekend. Hope they’re done before we leave for Sanibel.

Everything’s up

Well, the carrots just barley and same for the russet potatoes but all the seeds are out of the ground and the transplants are doing very well. I think I’ll need to setup the drip irrigation next weekend because after weeks of lots of rain things are getting a bit dry and container gardening isn’t very forgiving for that.

Got a little cold again

After no freezing temperatures since March 3, Mother Nature decided to play a little April Fools’ Day prank on us. Temps on April 1 started in the upper 20s and never got over 48. Good Friday, April 2, started the same way but warmed up into the upper 50s and there’s no more temps below 40 in the 15 day forecast so I think it’s onto late spring and summer now.

A late post but the pictures were on time

Trying to show a real progression of the spring crops this year so each week I’m grabbing some pictures and even though I’m posting these on April 3 they are from March 28. Things are moving along well. I added kale this year and will see if that’s worth adding to the annual mix. I’ve also added more crop specific pages with growing tips, links and the Oak Moon growing log for each.

The last photo in this group is of four hazelnuts. After they get a little bigger I’ll move them into a permanent location. Good stuff for people and animals!

And, everything isn’t just working outside. Sunday dinner was bacon wrapped pork tenderloin medallions, roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese and baked potatoes. I should have grabbed the picture after putting all that on the serving plates but hey, by then I was just interested in eating it!