Spring planting

Last weekend I planted the leftover green onion roots after making chicken fried rice and five containers of potatoes, one more than last year. No pictures because half empty 15 gallon grow bags aren’t really very exciting. But this weekend things got going in earnest. Now we have lettuce (red & green romaine, butter crunch & green leaf), spinach and onions (yellow and sweet).

It was actually cold enough last night that I covered the plantings. about 28 when I got up this morning. Tomorrow I’ll get carrot and radish seeds planted and tack down some landscape cloth where I’ll be keeping the containers.

I’m building specific pages to track each vegetable. Makes it easy for me to see how things go across seasons and allows me to store some helpful references for the future. Looking at the yard I may try to get the Deere started tomorrow as well because it’s probably only going to be another week or two before grass cutting gets going.

It took a while but winter finally showed up

Well, after almost no snow though January, February came in with a vengeance. In the first 19 days we had 17 with at least a trace of snow and 14 where the temp never exceeded freezing. Because of Kathy’s work we actually left for the city before the big (5-6″) snow came in and by the time we got back the melt was underway so I didn’t get any really good photos of that. The ones below are actually from the end of January so there’s been some snow here for over 3 weeks now.

With things so inhospitable outside we all had to figure out how to spend our idle time. The humans did more reading and internet surfing. The feline contingent discovered something a little more exciting.

First snow

We finally got the first real snow fall yesterday. Total to date up until now was less than 1/2″ and the bulk of that was really freezing rain. The outside decorations will come down on Monday (MLK Day) as is rather traditional for me so it was nice to get a few pictures of the lights with snow, even if it was during the morning.

2020 Holiday Season

Still think that until I leave my working years behind me I won’t consistently post updates. Who knows, maybe not even then but anyway here are some images from the end of 2020. A year I think almost everyone around the world was glad to see in the rear view mirror.

Here’s hoping that 2021 is better for us all!