The Frame Begins To Take Shape

After they stood the walls up and added another floor the building began to look more like a house.  Amazing to me that these pictures are just a week after the last ones.  From flat to two stories in a matter of days.

Framing 1

Framing 2


Horizontal Walls?

I guess I figured when walls got build they were perpendicular to the floor.  That’s why I hired professionals to build this place.  Who would have known you build the walls right on the floor?

Walls 1

Walls 2


The Cement Mixer Was Here

Had to wait a little for the rains to subside but eventually the cement trucks were able to get in and voila, a basement began to take shape.

Basement 1

Basement 2


More Than A Hole

There was a good bit of rain this week but the foundation is beginning take shape.


After seeing the progress on the cottage we checked out the area and found a deer hiding in the woods!


Unfortunately it’s supposed to rain much of next week so I’m guessing progress will be limited.  But then again, maybe the weatherman will be wrong.

Building Journal


Winter decided to hang on longer than we thought.  After a very mild January, February and March were cold and wet so 7 weeks after closing there was still no sign of the new house.  Then, in late March things began to move forward again.

Digging on the basement started and we found that you really don’t know what’s under the ground until you get there.  Expansive clay and bedrock had to be removed from some of the foundation site which required a larger tool.


And then, of course, we had to fill back in what was taken out to get back to grade so the truck loads of rock started rolling in, a drainage pipe was installed and after it’s pushed around the cottage will sit on top of a very large french drain.  That’s very good for keeping water out of a basement but not so great for the budget.  But the foundation isn’t the place to get cheap!

Rock Hauling

Here’s a little video of backfilling the drain pipe.  Certainly not going to get the nod for an Academy Award in the Best Documentary Short category but it was fun to watch none the less.

Looking forward to getting back out to site tomorrow to see the progress.