It’s All Up To Us Now

About six months after breaking ground the builders bid the site farewell for the last time.  It’s been an amazing experience.  The people who designed and build the house did a fantastic job.  They work for small companies, not the giant corporations who turn out an entire housing development in a few months.  They took a personal interest in how the house would work for me and my family.  I’m very thankful for their involvement.

But now it’s up to us to transition it from a house into a home and that’s going to take a fair bit longer than it took to build it in the first place.  So one adventure comes to a close and another is just begun.

Finished 3

Finished 2

Finished 1

Finished 4

Finished 5

Finished 6

Finished 7

Finished 9

Finished 8


A Few Delays But Getting Close

The rains in June and July caused some delays but finally the concrete company was available to put in the pad and walkways.


The stair railing system components were back ordered so they took longer to get than expected.  When they did get here the order was still 4 balusters short but that still made things look much more complete.

Stairs 2

And when the interior design company called the CaesarStone people there was an unexpected 2 week backlog to take the measurements in addition to the 2 week manufacturing period.  But when it was delivered everyone was lined up to finish the appliances, plumbing and tile work within a few days.

Kitchen 1


The Door Factory


When I went into Sherwin Williams and asked them to match some stain to other wood in the house they said “No problem.”  Upon my return the next week they asked if I needed 1 quart or 2.  I laughed and told them we’re measuring in gallons for this project.  31 doors panels and a stair railing later we’d used up the better part of 1 3/4 gallons.

Doors 1

Doors 2


We’ve Got Roof! We’ve Got Roof!

The shingles were completed and the next day the rains returned.  I think that’s the first time during this project where timing was perfect!

Siding 1


Siding 2

And the next week we had screen on the back porch.  At last a place to relax during weekend visits.

Porch 2


The Trusses Have Arrived

The last couple of weeks the rains have pretty much held off even though skies have often been gray.  This has allowed things to progress quickly.  Hopefully this trend will continue for a while longer so they can finish the roof while everything is dry.

Roof 1

Roof 2