More Construction

Well, yes, this time I mean on the house. The siding was just delivered and will be installed next week. I feel for the team doing it since we’re in for high 90s for the next six days. The only break they’ll get is, since the damage is on the west facing walls, they will be in shade early in the day.

The new propane tank is also being installed today and will be filled tomorrow. The company we’ve used since we got here started charging us close to $500 a year for a tank because we didn’t use enough propane. We were effectively getting penalized for making the house energy efficient! So bye-bye to them and we own our tank now. Not sure if the roofers will be here the next week or after Labor Day but that work isn’t too far off either. After all this is done it will be really nice to have things back up to snuff again!

The other construction, to the site infrastructure, has been pretty much completed. There is still plenty of content development needed and other adjustments to be made but the overall look and feel changes along with improved security are finished. Now it’s time to focus on next year’s garden expansion!