While things aren’t as far along as I hoped, there’s been good progress this week. Weather has been working against anyone doing anything outside. “Feels like” temperatures have been over 110F for the last six days. A new record. So the old propane tank is still here but the new one is connected and full. The siding isn’t completed but is very close and will be done Monday. Shingles are being delivered on Sept 11 so the roof won’t be replaced until after mid-September but it’s on the schedule now. We’ll finish up with a power wash of the house in late September and be ready for the holidays.

We made pesto pasta with basil and garlic from the farm along with a garden salad made with a couple kinds of our tomatoes. And, of course the wine we made here. While that’s not as local as I’d like, it’s certainly a fair showing and I expect far better than most.

Rain has been sparse in the last couple of weeks. Typical. Feast of famine. We were in drought until early July followed by 2 months of rain in July and early August. Now we’ve in need of some rain. Still, the yard is looking good again. I’ll pull a few pictures after I get the grass cut tomorrow. It will be much balmier Saturday. Highs only around 90.

Update: No pictures because the rain moved in. Probably better anyway because by next week the trailers the contractors had in my front yard will be gone so I’ll get the grass cut and things should look great for Labor Day!