An overdue update

So, as usual, I’ve not kept up with my posts. Maybe it will only be something that happens after retirement? Anyway, my COVID gardening adventure has worked out even better than I expected.

  • More lettuce than we could eat
  • About 8 spinach dinners
  • Radishes didn’t do as well as I expected but enough to make Kathy happy
  • Carrots – Didn’t weigh them but enough to munch on very tender half-longs for a couple weeks
  • All the green onions we need (and they’re still going strong)
  • Green beans for about 4 dinners. Again, not as impressive as I wanted but rabbits had their way with them before I got some chicken wire up. Lesson learned.
  • Broccoli was rather disappointing. Maybe these just need more space but we had a couple dinner’s worth.
  • Onions – 5.5 lbs in 2.2 square feet
  • Potatoes were around 21 lbs in about 1 square yard of containers. Better than I ever thought
    • White – 4.5 lbs (2.2 sq ft)
    • Russet – 9.5 lbs (4.2 sq ft)
    • Red – 7.5 lbs (2.2 sq ft)
  • Tomatillos about a pound so far and still going. Having a little trouble with bugs on these
  • Cucumber – More than we can eat. Have been donating most of them to a food pantry
  • Zucchini – Again, more then we can eat and I’ve cooked them a lot of ways. Excess to the food pantry
  • Tomatoes – Not weighing but we’re getting close to more then we can keep up with eating and building up speed
  • Peppers – As many as we’ve needed with lots still on the plants.
  • Pumpkins – Still underway. Have a few that are looking good

I’ve learned that I need to spray the cucumber and squash / pumpkins with a fungicide from the start. They’ve been hit hard by fungus even though I have them properly spaced and use drip irrigation. But in general, insects haven’t been a significant issue and I’ve used no pesticides. Fall planting isn’t too far off so I’ll make some adjustments and see how things go.

Here are some pictures of the harvest and plants. Oh, did a picture of Corona sneak in there? 🙂