The Repairs Are Done

It took 5 months (ugh!) but the house is pretty much back to the way it was before the hail storm in April. The roof and guttering were wrapped up last week except for replacing the chimney cap which turns out to be a make to order item. Except for the hawks, owls and other flying critters, who really sees the top of the chimney anyway? That will be in next week followed by power washing the house and everything will be looking nice for the holidays.

We’re here somewhat less while the St. Louis Renaissance Festival is running. I try to spend one day each weekend attending it and that cuts into available non-work time around here. This is something I’m looking forward to changing next year as every day will be non-work time! Well, except for all the work that needs to be done around here and our house in the city and the new projects I have planned at both places and, and, and. I never understood why some people worry they’ll have nothing to do after their career comes to an end.

This is prime wine making time and I finished bottling 12 gallons last week. I’ll start another 12 gallons tomorrow and that should finish replenishment of the wine racks. The Parres’s are planning a party next weekend at the house next door. Good food, drinks and company. People will be camping out for the most part so hopefully the forecasted rain wraps up before the party starts. The temperatures look to be perfect for sitting around the fire and enjoying the change of seasons with a glass of mulled wine or maybe even some wassail.