More Financial Details

Not an exciting day. Pulled together new versions of some of the financial detail I already sent the bank so it is up to date. The only real positive today was that I validated we already have title insurance from the same company the bank is using so that should reduce the cost a little and I would expect fast track them approving the (increased) insurance amount.

I hope to hear back from the bank tomorrow so we can get an approval to put gravel over the new Wright Road entrance.

The Site Hits The Map

Since clearing began Friday and I’ve been a bit under the weather, I figured learning enough about WordPress to really begin documentation of the farm evolution was a good way to spend Sunday.

In some ways it seems like Joomla which gave me a leg up but thankfully it is much more user friendly.  One day and I have a reasonable framework to work from as the farm progresses.  I looked at it when I went out to get us dinner and found it mobile optimizes on it’s own.  Bonus!  One less thing I have to do.

Writing a journal isn’t something I’m accustomed to so I’ll do the best I can to record what is planned and done over the next number of years.  I hope it gets easier as I go along.