The weekend before christmas

Odd that it’s been a month since we’ve really stayed here for the full weekend but with all the events this time of year we always seem to have to leave early in the weekend. Tonight it’s the St, Louis Symphony Holiday concert, an event that’s guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.

So we got here on Wednesday evening and I had to work all day Thursday and Friday which left little time to do a lot around here. I did get the carpet shampooed in the Laird’s Room and washed the remaining bedding so all that’s left from the “Soot Incident” is to clean off the upholstered chair in that room and it looks like that’s going to have to wait until next Wednesday.

We did get one of our Christmas presents delivered. A pair of counter stools for the kitchen. I tried finding some at the antique mall a bunch of times and finally settled for getting some from Wayfair. As has been my luck recently, one of them wasn’t built properly so I had to make a trip to Ace Hardware for screws and wood glue. Not a tough fix and other than that they turned out pretty well.

I also got to put a true tree topper on our Christmas tree. We’ve never really had one of these but there was a great selection at the Chicago Christkindlmart so I couldn’t resist bringing one home.