English Holly

English holly will cross pollinate with:

  • Silver Milkboy
  • Sliver Milkmaid
  • China Boy
  • China Girl – May be best option

How to Grow English Holly

Although English holly plants are native to Europe, they are cultivated in forests, parks, gardens and plains around the globe. English holly grows in several of the American states. These include California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Washington.

How to grow English holly? First, check your climate and region. English holly plants thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 8. If you are in one of those zones, you can go ahead.

Plant hollies in full sun or partial sun but remember that they do not tolerate extreme heat very well. In hotter climates, a partial shade location will be better.

These plants absolutely require well-draining soil, so don’t disappoint them. They may not make it through one season if they are planted in wet soil. English holly plant care isn’t difficult if you site the tree correctly.