Hot Wine Drinks

Augusta Wassail

  • 1 bottle Augusta River Valley Red
  • 1.5 cups orange juice
  • 0.5 cups brown sugar
  • Mulling spices (see below)

Hot Apple Pie

  • 1 bottle Augusta River Valley White
  • 0.5 cups apple juice
  • 0.25 cups brown sugar
  • Mulling Spice (see below)

Mix all ingredients and simmer 20 minutes.  Remove mulling spices.  Keep warm.  A crock pot it ideal.

Mulling Spice – In a spice bag combine

  • 14g orange peels
  • 3g cinnamon stick
  • 2g allspice
  • 1g whole cloves

Bag can be frozen after use and reused several times.