Overnight 40% Wheat bread

April 22, 2022

StepTime (min)Notes – November 24, 2022
Autolyse25Water 95.0 F
Mix15Room – 70.4 F; Dough – 79.1 F
Fold3004 folds in 2 hrs
DivideDivided more evenly than last time but need to work on this still
ShapeShaping went well. In bannetons (no cloth in them) and into frig at 7:20 PM
BakeSpcSet to 500 because oven seems to run cool.
Did dent test and seemed right. Remember to flour finger or dough pulls back out right away because it sticks to the finger.
Started at 8:40 AM. 30 minutes covered.
Pulled after 16 minutes uncovered. Pretty dark. May move back to 475 F next time
OverallSeems a little dense. Think it may be over-proofed and I should have brought it out an hour earlier. Having eaten some now I’d rate it so so.
StepTime (min)Notes – April 22. 2022
Autolyse25Water 93.3F
Mix15Room – 73.8F; Dough – 79.8F
Fold3004 folds in 2 hrs
DivideDidn’t divide evenly. One is much larger than the other
ShapeShaping went well. The pulling into a ball structure seemed to create a firmer ball than when I did the Saturday White Bread. In bannetons and into frig at 7:00 PM
BakeSpc30 minutes covered. Smaller loaf 18 min uncovered and larger 24 min uncovered.
OverallA very nice bread. Used most of it to make “bread pizzas” and the only down side is the crumb is so open it makes putting sauce on it a little harder (well, it runs through the holes).