We just took it easy on New Year’s Day. As predicted the rain started before dawn and the temperature began to fall and continued throughout the day. When we went to bed just after midnight it was in the mid 60s but when I started a fire at 9:00 it was in the low 40s. By evening it was below freezing but the rain stopped before then so we missed out on any significant snow again.

When I got up the next day to my surprise we got enough snow to dust the ground and is our first snowfall of the winter, as meager as it might be.

It was 14 when I went out for a walk. Roger was moving the cows into the winter pasture as I went by. They seemed very happy to race through the gate when it opened. I expect that all the trees in that area help block the wind and since it looks like winter is finally here I’m sure anything helps.

I made a big breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage and cinnamon rolls for us both and some mushrooms, tomatoes and black pudding for me. Not quite an English fry up but close enough to make it special. Looking forward to a relaxing day of watching The Waltons, one of the Christmas gifts we gave each other this year.