For the second year we’ve moved our celebration of Thanksgiving to Friday to allow people to spend time with other family and friends in the city on Thursday. Having lived the hustle and bustle of trying to attend several parties and dinners on one day when we were younger, I feel pretty sure those that join us on Friday, and stay a night or two afterwards, appreciate spacing things out a bit.

Now, although the day has changed, the meal remains the same. In truth, while we’ve made some refinements over the years, we do a pretty traditional dinner. Details can be found here including recipes for those interested. This timing also works well when it comes to preparing a large dinner for a bunch of people. Thursday is prep day and the time to make cranberry sauce, cranberry orange relish and desserts which makes Friday a little less stressful.

This year we were joined by Jen, Ron, Vi, Cam, Dustin, Niki and Zoey. It was Vi’s 10th birthday on the Friday so it doubled as a birthday party and dinner for her. We watched some Christmas shows, had some drinks, Vi opened presents and all had a great time. Although I left the mashed potatoes and the bean and corn casserole in the oven a little long, I think everyone very much enjoyed the dinner.

The next morning Dustin made some delicious eggs with biscuits and gravy for breakfast because, of course, we hadn’t eaten enough. Afterwards I got some help moving the train board upstairs and that will be my focus for the Sunday so it’s running when everyone is back for Christmas.

Niki had a bridal shower to attend and Ron needed to do some promoting for his upcoming show so everyone headed home by late afternoon and Corona got to come out of hiding by early evening. We nibbled on leftovers and relaxed for the evening. Sunday will clear out a lot of what didn’t already get taken home when I make stock and we have a proper Thanksgiving leftovers dinner Sunday night.

Thanks to Kathy for the pictures but sorry she didn’t get a selfie with someone to add to the gallery.