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A Good Day

It’s nice to get good news given how long this process has been and considering I live in the age of people tapping their fingers as the microwave cooks their baked potato in 10 minutes.

Looks like things will move faster than expected through the bank, or so says my loan officer.  We may be within a couple of weeks from finishing all the financial stuff (except, of course, for actually paying the mortgage!).  They are also going to include all the built in appliances into the loan.  Bonus!  One less thing I need to put cash out for in the next few months.

I also found that the hardwood flooring has a discount through today so I got that ordered.  And I have approval to order the cabinets from the bank so I can take advantage of another discount good this month.

Looks like things have really turned a corner and are ramping up.  It’s about time!