A late post but the pictures were on time

Trying to show a real progression of the spring crops this year so each week I’m grabbing some pictures and even though I’m posting these on April 3 they are from March 28. Things are moving along well. I added kale this year and will see if that’s worth adding to the annual mix. I’ve also added more crop specific pages with growing tips, links and the Oak Moon growing log for each.

The last photo in this group is of four hazelnuts. After they get a little bigger I’ll move them into a permanent location. Good stuff for people and animals!

And, everything isn’t just working outside. Sunday dinner was bacon wrapped pork tenderloin medallions, roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese and baked potatoes. I should have grabbed the picture after putting all that on the serving plates but hey, by then I was just interested in eating it!