A Trip to Chicago

We spent Dec 9 – 12 visiting the Rapaport family in Chicago. We hadn’t seen Kathy’s sister since 2019 before the pandemic hit. It was nice to get away even though the case numbers post Thanksgiving and with the omicron variant emerging are going up fast. Kathy and I have both gotten our booster shots so we felt pretty good since we didn’t plan on spending a lot of time in large crowds. Carol, Steve and Max are all vaccinated too so other than a couple restaurant visits and a trip downtown to Garrett’s and the outdoors Christkindlmart (I went alone), our chance of significant exposer was low.

We had a wonderful time catching up with our northern family members. Great food, games and conversation. We look forward to doing this again next year… God willing and the river don’t rise!

Early, before opening on Friday morning. By 15 minutes before opening the line wrapped around the block!