At Long Last

Last Thursday, Jan 29, 2015, after countless delays, sending and resending required information and working through a number of financing wrinkles we finally closed on the construction loan for our home at Oak Moon.  Of course since it’s now the middle of winter it will probably be March before we really get anything more going but when the weather is right we’ll be ready to go.   Now it’s time to go back through all the light fixtures, ceiling fans, faucets and such one last time and see how it will fit with we are planning for the interior style.  It will be a lot easier and more fun knowing we’re making the final decisions rather than just trying to get an idea for cost reasons.

We’re also starting to put together garden plans.  Not sure how much we’ll be able to do at the farm this year because we’re so far behind but even planning the gardens for Rosewood makes it feel like the winter will soon be over and we’ll be planting and building.