Lammas Weekend

We got back from Sanibel a couple weeks ago and the signs of the drought are rather pronounced. Two of the sugar maples had half of their leaves die off and the lawn looks like it quit growing shortly after I cut it last. So, no need to cut the grass but I did have to do some serious watering and think the two trees may make it back next year. Fingers crossed.

The last week of July the rains came in with a vengeance. Historical one day rainfall, twice during the week caused huge flash flooding in the St. Louis area. Unfortunately Dustin and Niki had water back up into their basement both times so weren’t able to come to OMF for the summer harvest dinner as planned. We cooked the second turkey I bought before Thanksgiving last year and augmented it with summer bounty as seen in the menu.

All attending enjoyed the dinner and I sent a care package home to Dustin & Niki.