North of the wall

After a rather mild and snow-free December and January, February’s climate has reminded me more of what you see north of the wall in in Game of Thrones. Except for the week of February 7, there has been snow or (mostly) ice-fall on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. There was enough on February 3 that we decided it was best to stay in St. Louis so didn’t return until the following Wednesday.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on the Sunday with a nice dinner and an exchange of cards since we needed to head back on the Monday the 14th. Other than that, because of the weather I’ve done a lot of cleaning in the basement and setup more shelving so things are looking very good down there. I even attached a Roku device to the TV down there. I also build a general store for the train layout and I think it looks pretty good.

Ron came by for a short time when he came down to finalize the sale of a pickup Jane owned but otherwise the kids haven’t been here since Christmas but word is they will be here next weekend. Ron and Dustin bought a billy goat mower so when thing get a little warmer and dryer in March I expect to seem them all more frequently.

Otherwise, it was good the Winter Olympics were on and we have access to the NBC station now that we’ve switched from Uverse to Directv Stream. Lot of event watching and bing watching Outlander in preparation of the new season starting next Sunday. Can’t wait!