Train time

Now that Christmas is past it’s time to begin building on the train set. I started working with it last year and have designed a multi-year project to build a rather advanced layout. Because doing the initial wiring will be a bit of a mess I waited until after Christmas this year so it wouldn’t be in the way of everyone at the farm.

When I was a child my father and I would setup a train set every Christmas and I loved it. It was also something special we did together. There was a loop around the outside and a figure 8 inside of that. We used Super O that I still have stored at Rosewood but am now using N gauge to conserve space. The basic layout, shown below, is reminiscent of my childhood layout with some advances allowed by the smaller gauge.

This year will focus on wiring the layout. Next year I plan to cover the board with cork and start adding more landscaping so I don’t have to disassemble the track each year. Everyone is coming back for New Year’s Eve. Not sure I can get it finished and running by then but will try!