Adding To the garden

Some more spinach, leeks and the hazelnuts that wintered over have been added to the entry garden. A lot of this is in response to the whole COVID-19 thing but since we’re here most of the time now why not learn and maybe get some food that’s better for us and should be tastier. So here’s the updated photos since last weekend.

I bought some leeks from the garden store. Not sure what they think people are supposed to do the way they have 150 plants in a 3 inch pot other than to break them up and replant them. So that’s what I did. About 8 plants per pot. I’ll see how they grow and the ones that take the best I’ll cut out and plant into 3 10″ pots I have waiting for them. Saw a great video on Home Grown Veg that makes me hopeful that if I can get these to grow along with the potatoes going in next week I’ll be able to make a potato leek soup later this year. They just look like little wisps now but we’ll see how they turn out.

And I took a couple pictures of our daffodils. I do love the Barrett Browning because they reming me of my grandfather Dr. Barrett Brown.