Expanding The Garden

I’m putting a little faith in the weather man who says the lowest temperature through April 19 is 37 degrees and added the warm weather vegetables to the garden today. Now, one of the good things about container gardening is if he’s wrong, I’ll just need to move some pots into the garage for a night.

So I spent about 6 hours prepping, planting and cleaning things up and now have added potatoes (russets, red and white), tomatoes (7 varieties), tomatillos, peppers (green, red, yellow and orange bells) and some hot banana. I haven’t seen any jalapeno or red cayenne yet but will keep my eyes open. Also have a couple types of cucumbers. I also started sugar pumpkins, zucchini squash and a couple other types of cucumber from seed so things are flushing out pretty well.

Next week will be focused on wine! Time to rack and start the whites.