Christmas is here

Got up Christmas Eve and did a bit of cleanup before making us breakfast sandwiches. Then it was back to St. Louis for lunch at my sister’s house. It was great to see Barbara, Mark and Janey again and they had a wonderful spread of food and drinks for us all. Jen, Ron and the kids were there as well and it was a relaxing afternoon, much different than the usual Christmas rush. Since temps were in the low 70s we spent most of the time on the patio which, again, was very atypical. Late afternoon we went back to Rosewood to wrap some presents and then back to Oak Moon.

I awoke Christmas morning and it was still shorts weather but there was cooking to be done so I never really got to spend any time outside. Made a lasagna from scratch, sugar cookies and roasted some chestnuts. Kathy and I watched the last few episodes of the most recent Great British Baking Show until the kids got here late in the day. Then eating and drinking started in earnest and continued into the evening. We’ll open presents tomorrow when Ron’s brother and his family get here so kind of like Thanksgiving, we’re prolonging the celebration over several days but Santa certainly snuck in at some point when we weren’t looking.