The home stretch

Finally, off work until after Christmas. Expected to take it slow today but as usual, there’s always something to be done. Had to finish the Christmas cake and that meant making marzipan for the first time. And, it all worked out as expected!

The recipes I used for the cake and the marzipan are quite traditional. Not sure how it will all be received by 21st century folk but hopefully it is appreciated even though there’s less refines sugar in them. I’d have loved to try it before it goes to my sister’s tomorrow but it’s tough to take a piece of a cake and have it still look pristine. I’ll have to play the royal taster and give it try before handing it out to others.

Having some extra marzipan I decided to fancy things up a bit since I didn’t include covering the cake with royal icing. I used a cookie cutter to make some marzipan Christmas trees with red and green sugar for the top. Those ingredients won’t affect the taste and it looks a bit more festive. Note: the first photo was natural light vs. the low kelvin chandelier light in the second.