Finally… some snow

It took until mid-January to get snow that was more than a dusting. The heavy, wet snow tumbled down quickly but warm temperatures turned much of the volume that reached the ground into water. Total depth ended around 2″ even though much more fell. Maybe 4-5″ based on the buildup on top of our wind chimes. But this is the sort of snow that clings to everything it touches. Window screens, rooftops, bird feeders and particularly the trees were shrouded in crystalline white making it look like a wintery day indeed.

We kept a fire burning all day creating both warmth and ambiance on this last weekend of our Christmas decorations. The Martin Luther King holiday has been a long weekend for me since I started work at Anheuer-Busch 35 years ago and marks the unofficial finish of the Christmas season for us. Next week I’ll start taking everything down and while the snow frozen onto the lights will delay things a bit, by the end of next weekend most everything will be packed away.