Thanksgiving at OMF

It was a year ago that we celebrated our first farm Thanksgiving. It was Kathy and me dining alone because of COVID-19. We prepared most of the traditional fare although in smaller portions. This year was quite a bit different indeed.

To make it easier on people we decided to do the big night on Friday instead of Thursday. We figured that way the people in St. Louis could celebrate Thanksgiving proper with others in their family and then come to the country on Friday. That seemed to work well for everyone so on Friday Ron, Jen, Dustin, Niki and all the kids showed up here.

I should have taken pictures but was too busy actually cooking and such to do that. We sat nine around the table as best we could and everyone had a wonderful time dining on turkey and all the fixings. See all the menu items and recipes here.

I had to usher on Sunday morning so did a quick turn around trip back into St. Louis and started doing Christmas decorating in earnest after everyone headed home. I moved an end table from the family room to the living room to make room for the tree instead of putting the table in the basement. I like it so much I’m going to leave it there and will need to hit the antique malls to find another to replace it after the holidays.