Preparing for thanksgiving

The last weekend before the first family Thanksgiving at Oak Moon. Kathy and I celebrated here last year but since it was just the two of us, getting ready for it didn’t take much effort. This year there will be 9 of us so preparations are a bigger deal. Interestingly we will again have a quiet Thanksgiving for 2 because Jen, Ron, Niki, Dustin and the kiddos won’t be here until Friday. That way they can have one evening with their city families and then come to the country for the weekend.

First task was to bottle the riesling and pinot grigio. Six gallons of each. All went as planned and the 57 bottles were moved to the cellar awaiting labeling when I get here next week. After cleaning, all the other wine making accoutrements were stored downstairs freeing up some more space for when people are here.

Next was the start of the Christmas decorating. Only outdoor lights and decorating the staircase so we don’t steal Thanksgiving’s thunder. But that required doing a good bit of cleanup in the gardens so things took longer than I expected but came out well.

The last Thanksgiving to-do was to make the cranberry sauce. I find it tastes better if it sits for a few days and blends. I made fig and pinot cranberry sauce and some extra “base” cranberry sauce for those that want something a bit less complex. Now it’s time to relax!