Veteran’s day weekend

Happy Veteran’s Day to all former and active service men and women. Especially our son Phil and his wife Jane. Thank you all for your most valuable service!

Veteran’s Day fell on a Thursday this year. That along with a day of vacation on Friday gave me a 4 day weekend. We only got to spend the first 3 here, heading home this afternoon to attend the St. Louis Symphony’s performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. It’s great to get to see the performances in person again.

Had to de-Halloween this week both at Rosewood and Oak Moon. Not my favorite thing to do but it’s got to be done or we couldn’t get the Christmas stuff out. OK, not this weekend but will start next weekend. We will be doing a country Thanksgiving here the weekend after next and want to have the house looking great for that.

I did a polishing rack on batches of riesling and pinot grigio today and cleaned 60 bottles for next weekend’s bottling so it’s been a busy morning but will be well prepared for what needs to be done next weekend.