Christmas Is Coming

The weekend after Thanksgiving was primarily used to finish decorating for Christmas. All the orange lights, fall wreaths and other harvest reminders are swapped out for strands of colored lights and pine. It’s also the time to wrap up anything left of the big meal. This year it was turkey hash and turkey soup. I don’t think this year yielded my best results of leftover fare but it wasn’t bad and after a few quarts of soup make it into the freezer all vestiges of our dinner will be gone.

We’ll head back to Kirkwood tomorrow where I have some more decorating to do before heading to Chicago. It will be good to have wrapped up for when we get back. There will be a lot going on with work and holiday activities so being able to relax when we can, and drink in the sights and sounds of the season, will be very welcome indeed.

Here are a few pictures that made me smile during the busy weekend.